Classes meet for 45 minutes Thursday Nights 
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Orientation is free and Mandatory, without your dog, the week before your classes start
6 classes $175, 10 classes $240 (to be completed in 8 or 13 weeks, no paying for missed classes!)
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NEDTC Steps training is a fun way for you and your dog to learn to communicate and build foundational skills for excellent manners.  Each level has set skills and goals for you to meet, and you and your dog do so at your own pace.
For Step1, skills such as sit, stay, loose leash walking and recall are broken down in to small steps, allowing you to practice how your dog thinks and learns, while incrementally increasing duration, time and distraction for a strong solid behavior. 
All new handler/dog teams will begin in Level 1 (for at least one class*), and will progress to Levels 2-4 at their own pace as they complete a series of goals, listed below.  This allows each team to increase their goals as their skills grow.  Your team may take as long as needed to complete each level, and our instructors will help you determine when you're ready to move ahead.
Each level will include foundational skills (such as teaching your dog to come or sit) as well as fun games to play that turn these foundational skills into something your dog is excited to do!  Building on duration, level of distration, and difficulty of each skill in small doses will build obedience habits, giving you a dog that comes as well at the dog park as she does in your living room!  For a good description of breaking down a skill into small steps that make learning easy and rewarding for your dog, please read this blog entry by Dr. Patricia McConnell.
We use mark/reward training at NEDTC.  Essentially, mark when your dog does something correctly, and then reward them with a food or other treat!  Learning new skills requires frequent rewards and frequent reinforcement of the new skill, and as the dog becomes proficient, food rewards will be randomized, or replaced by real-life rewards such as playing with a toy or sniffing a bush.
*Dogs with more advanced training may join at higher levels with permission of instructor.  Please email with questions.

NEDTC Steps Training Goals


       Prompted eye contact for 2 seconds, handler smiling!

   Unprompted eye contact 4 times in 2 minutes

    Sit 5 times on verbal and/or hand signals, no lure, first cue

  Down 2 times on verbal and/or hand signals, no lure, first cue;

  Respond to name from across the ring

  Recall from center of room on long line

Back up and focus with food/toy distractor

 Loose leash walk across ring with minimal distractions.


  These Exercises may be performed with continuous rewards.

 STEP 2 SELF - Control!! :

 Down and sit on one cue, no lure

Puppy pushup (sit-down-sit) no lure, mark/treat after 3 behaviors

Doggie Zen ~ leave a treat in the hand alone for 5 seconds

Sit/stay 15 seconds with moderate distractions (person or dog moving within 6 feet)

 Down/stay for 15 seconds with moderate distractions (person or dog moving within 6 feet)

 Recall from across the room on long line

 Loose leash walk across room and back past a person



Side Sit

 Exercises are performed with intermittent food rewards.

STEP 3 Real life and distractions! :

 Sit/stay for 40 seconds with handler at end of leash and more distraction (person or dog circling)

  Down/stay for 40 seconds with handler at end of leash and more distraction (person or dog circling)

Doggie Zen Leave it 5 seconds with treat on floor

 Loose leash walking past a dog and/or treat/toy

Recalls with multiple dogs

Automatic sit when a person approaches

 Touch games.


 Exercises are performed with varied, random rewards

 STEP 4 CGC! :

Perform all Canine Good Citizen exercises


Polite greetings

 Come when called

 Loose Leash Walking

Go to your mat

 On-lead heeling across ring in groups.

Exercises are performed with variable and real-life rewards

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