Which Class should I take?
Our philosophy is that we want to set up each of our dogs for success. These guidelines are very basic, and designed with training a well-mannered family pet in mind. These are not rules! If you have a training program in mind, or skills that you do not see in the class descriptions that you would like to learn, please call or send us email, and we can place you in a class to meet your needs! Also, if your dog has any behavioral issues or habits you would like to address in the context of an obedience class, please call us so we can place you in the correct class!

All classes are held Thursday nights at the Cambridge Armory.  See the side-bar under "Classes" for individual class descriptions, application information, and course schedule.

 If in doubt, email us at info@nedtc.org or call : 617-868-1713

If your dog is under 16 weeks of age, Puppy K is the class for you.  Our Puppy-K is part of our Steps Training program, and will seamlessly integrate your training with the higher-level classes.

If your dog is over 16 weeks of age, and is a puppy K graduate or has never attended an obedience class before, Beginner Step 1 will help you start learning how to communicate with your dog.  You will move up through the steps at your own pace, as you and your dog gain skills.

If you and your dog have completed one beginner obedience class in a small class at a pet store or other  venue, our Beginner Step 1 class is the perfect way for you to enhance those skills by increasing the distraction level with other dogs and new people, while keeping your dog successful with foundational skills.

If you and your dog have strong foundational skills that include focus in a distracting environment, please email us at info@nedtc.org for placement into our steps program.  You will begin in Step 1, but we will evaluate your dog on the first night for placement into a higher level.

Note:  we will often move dogs into the appropriate class level for them (at the same class time) based on the class environment (if the dog needs a calmer class or is beyond the level of the class they are enrolled in) 

If you and your dog have completed more than one obedience class and are wondering about where your skills fit into our classes, please email or call us at the number listed above and we'll help you choose the class that meets your and your dogs' needs.

If you and your dog are interested in the Canine Good Citizen program, we offer this as part of our Step 4 class.  Please join the Steps Level 1 class, and let us know at orientation and we will evaluate your dog for placement into a higher step.

If you and your dog (at ANY level!) wish to work as a team practicing your obedience skills in a fun way-- Try Rally!! Rally will help to focus your dog and practice those obedience skills without being repetitive or exacting.

If you and your dog have basic obedience commands down, and would like to work on your teamwork and training, our Novice level competition class will help your teamwork, and you'll have lots of fun training all of the exercises, and you'll learn the ins and outs of competing!