Our classes cover basic obedience, good manners, responsible citizenship, attention and communication, beginning with puppy kindergarten. 

Our introductory classes are designed with the most current methods of positive dog training, with the goal of building a healthy human-canine relationship and preparing dogs for the eventual completion of the AKC Canine Good Citizen certification. Our trainers have experience in many aspects of animal behavior and training. 

As a club, we work together to encourage ourselves and our dogs to try new things, challenge ourselves, and be creative learning new skills, whether that be remaining calm in the presence of squirrels, carrying a dumbbell over a jump, or finding a birch scented q-tip hidden under a table.

We'd love to see you and your dog on Thursday nights at the Cambridge Friends School!


Is your dog a puppy?

If your dog will be 8-20 weeks old on the first day of class, sign up for Puppy K! This 6 week class is where you will learn the basics of our Steps program as well as foundational socialization skills. Move directly from Puppy K into our STEPS program.


Steps is our basic obedience program for dogs older than 20 weeks.

In our program you pay for 6 or 10 classes — These classes are freely transferable between Puppy and Steps classes. If you buy 6 classes and you spend two weeks in Step 1 and three weeks in Step 2 you will have one more class to spend in Step 3!


Work with your Dog, Meet the Steps Criteria,

graduate to the

next level!

Our program lets you work at your own pace, and ensures that you get good training every step of the way! Homework for each Step is given at orientation and when you graduate each Step.

You may spend 6 weeks in one level and 3 in the next, or the other way around. It is very dependent on the human, the dog, and the environment.

Remember that we’re here for you!


Every Dog/Handler team is expected to begin
in Step 1

-with a few exceptions-

Very few venues where you will take beginner obedience put focus on attention games and skills the way we do in Step 1.

Step 1 provides the human end of the leash with the skills to teach and maintain great attention throughout the dogs' life, and we like to see everyone spend at least 1-2 weeks in Step 1, even if their dog has other training. It doesn't matter if your dog can sit or down or come already... does your dog pay attention in class? If you and your dog have attended other training classes AND your dog has GREAT attention (with distractions, not just at home), let us know and we are happy to pay extra attention the first week of class and pass you along to Step 2.

Become a member

Members of the New England dog training club share a commitment to improving our relationships with our dogs through positive fun activities, including training. Interested in becoming a member? Click below!

Note:  You do not have to become a member to enjoy our fun classes!